Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Hi Folks!

We will today discuss a few things about Parenting.
I'm a father of a cute & handsome baby boy!
First let us discuss about what we can learn from children per se & then we will discuss a few pointers about good parenting.

* What I learnt from my son so far....
1. Dont Worry Daddy :– My son is always in a happy mood no matter if he's going to school or if he's visiting the doctor's office. We always carry a bag of worries & our office tensions in our heads & can't clear it out even on the weekends. Important takeaway here is that no matter the situation always be happy.

2. Eat, Sleep ...Repeat :– This is an important part of the learning. He has taught me that doing the things regularly & repeating what you've learnt will ease your burden to not know the things & you become used to for those particular things. Example: You have learnt a new programming language but are not confident. Keep on coding the new parts so much that you don't feel that it is a challenge any more.

3. Get out & have fun :– We many a times like to do nothing & just lay down on the couch & watch TV all day....I know I get that feeling all the time. Instead head out & have a nice walk or jog.
Visit a garden & look at all the greenery. Greenery is eye pleasing & it relaxes the mind!
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4. Rest like a baby :– Sleep is of utmost importance for proper balance of the mind & body.
When I see my baby sleeping, even I sleep beside him & atleast lie down in the hope of getting that baby sleep. Take proper rest.
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Now, let us discuss a few parenting tips that I have observed & these points are not stolen or inspired by anywhere from the internet. First important tip is not loosing patience. My kid is very active & is always on his toes & keeps asking me the same questions repeatedly but I answer him that many times without getting frustrated. We must understand here that he is small & cannot understand that he is asking the same question multiple times.
Also about happiness, the alchemy of happiness is learning the art of dropping the psychological pattern of worry track & learning to walk on the wisdom track. We all know that happiness is linked with wisdom.
Wisdom will also teach that we need to spend quality time with our kids. Take him out in the garden, play hide & seek or take him to the playground & watch over him.
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I will be regularly blogging about parenting & technology (gadgets).
Please keep visiting my blog & do let me know if you agree with my points & please add more points as per your experience. I have not covered the gamut of parenting yet but will be regularly updating my blog with tips & tricks.

Till the next one, have a safe & happy life you guys!


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