Friday, September 4, 2015

News Flash! Windows 10 got it's sound back...unannounced......shh!! System sound is back ON!

Hello World,

Thank you for reading my blogs!
Well yesterday I powered on my laptop & tadaa my laptop had its' voice back.
By the way if guys didn't know when you upgraded to Windows 10 from basically any version the sound is gone...I mean the system sound.
I had logged a ticket with Microsoft & they responded within an hour that this was a known issue & if I had any additional notes to add.
Now they have made the changes as my system upgraded again yesterday & all of sudden the sound system came back just like that.
It was feeling like meeting your brother after a long gap! :)
I did not get the news on any tech channels nor in newspaper.
How unprofessional behavior of Microsoft.
When they advertised about the free upgrades to Windows 10 they did not tell the world that they were making the systems virtually mute.
Anyways I'm more than happy that now I can live stream music & videos while I work on my lappy.
What are your experiences? Please do share your thoughts or reviews or that matter anything that you feel like sharing.
I'm eager to listen...I mean read your comments & ideas.

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