Wednesday, August 5, 2015

file your it returns..due date fast approaching...IT returns 2014-2015


This is your friend Anup Kaulgud who will be helping you file your Income Tax returns for the last financial year.

The most convenient way is to file it online.

I will be filing your IT returns for you.

Please send me your form 16 on the email address

I will also need all details about other investments & contributions if any.

I charge a nominal fee of Rs. 200 only.

I will also need your Bank details as it is mandatory if you are eligible for an cash returns.

I will file your returns only when I receive the payment. Please call me or email me on 09860539970 or

Please put the title of the email as "IT returns filing request/"

Please let me know if you want to avail my services.

If you feel insecure about payment & you not getting your IT return filed, you can pay me Rs. 100 first & when you get a confirmation email you can send me the remainder amount of Rs.100.

Trust me! Your work will be done 100%.


Anup Kaulgud

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