Saturday, August 22, 2015

Airtel 4G - Disastrous customer service & no LTE in PUNE

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I got my new USIM for Airtel 4G & the settings were sent to my mobile & I got the signal later on my iPhone 5s.
When I changed my cellular internet setting to LTE it first said that the provider doesn't support LTE.
Then it started to connect & do you know what happened next.
I got the EDGE/GPRS speed & E besides the signal bars of my phone.
I restarted my phone & removed the sim card & reinsrted but I still get 2G speed.
I then transferred the sim card in my android phone which earlier had the Airtel sim & got good 3G speeds but now it also showed 2G speed.
I have the data roaming setting on for both phones but no effect.
I tried calling customer service 3 times on 3 different days but they still say they are working on it & say that someone will call.
I haven't received any call yet & no resolution!
Airtel has tested the 4G in India for little over a year but still pathetic at it.
Do not go for 4G from Airtel!

Please let me know your comments or suggestions if any. I would like to know what were your experiences & what you guys feel about the subject.


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